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Something Old, Something New…

Nobody’s getting married but we do have exciting news! We have a new recipe to share: Chicken Marsala! Get yours for Tuesday delivery; and, while your ordering, go ahead and add the Smoked Brisket with Roasted Root Veggies…you know you want it!

Please place your orders before 10 am on Monday, January 20 for the delivery on Tuesday, January 21. Please place your orders before 10 am on Wednesday, January 22 for the delivery on Friday, January 24.



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Last chance to order for Tuesday delivery of One Pan Meal

Chicken Marsala

Tuesday Delivery

We start with the freshest ingredients like farm fresh chicken breast, brine for a day, pound and sauté in a skillet. The pan is deglazed with Marsala wine and then begins the flavorful sauce with crimini mushrooms, finely diced shallot, and the richness of housemade chicken broth. This savory dish is completed with steamed broccoli and brown rice – the ‘good for you’ rice of choice! A small order (feeds two to three) is $20 plus tax ($21.40) and a large (feeds around four to six) is $37 plus tax ($39.59).

Ooh LaLas, Chicken Salad & Soup

Choose for either Delivery

Ooh Lala…it’s truffle week! Choose from the traditional recipe, chocolate on chocolate with a white chocolate drizzle. Or, try the mint chocolate. Each batch comes by the dozen for $15 ($16.05 with tax).

Do you like Chicken Salad? Well, You will LOVE ours! A 1/2 quart is $9.00 ($9.63 with tax) and a full Quart is $16.00 ($17.12 with tax).

Don’t forget the Tomato Vegetable Soup! This classic recipe starts with housemade chicken stock, tomato puree and mixed vegetables. Flavors are simmered in with fresh thyme, rosemary, oregano, marjoram and bay leaf. Perfect for a cold day and a grilled cheese! Full Quart is $10 ($10.70 with tax).

Smoked Brisket

Friday Delivery

Slow smoked to perfection, our Brisket Meal is served with roasted root vegetables and a horseradish créme, ready to heat and eat. This is a customer favorite, not to mention gluten, dairy and egg free! A small order (feeds two to three) is $20 plus tax ($21.40) and a large (feeds around four to six) is $38 plus tax ($40.66).

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