One Pan Meal

We’ve all reexamined our day to day and choose carefully where and when we go out in public these days. Why not let SS&E bring home cooked goodness directly to you?

Order by 9 am Wednesday, May 13 for delivery on Friday, May 15th!



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Friday delivery

Beef Tips

Friday Delivery

We had great reviews on this recipe so back by popular demand! This is a great Sunday lunch! (real) Beef Tips in a Red Wine Sauce! What do we mean by ‘real’? The beef is the trimmings of the whole tenderloin, the same cut that portions into the finest filet mignon at your favorite chophouse. These tenderloin pieces are Prime rated from Revere Meat Company are simmered in a rich red wine reduction finished with a touch of sherry, thyme and cream. We serve with steamed broccoli and white rice for a simple, but flavorful meal.

A small container (feeds two) is $25 plus tax ($26.75). A large container (feeds four) is $42 plus tax ($44.94). Order by noon on Wednesday, May 13 for Friday delivery on the 15th.

‘Add Ons’ – Roast Chicken, Chef’s Cobb Salad & Chicken Salad

Friday Delivery

Single Serve Roasted Chicken – Let’s roast some simple breast of chicken and pair with healthy vegetables. We take cauliflower and grate it to simulate the consistency of rice and blanch broccoli to ensure your single-serve lunch is both flavorful and healthy. A sprinkle of white Cheddar melds the broccoli with the roasted chicken and keeps it a Keto friendly dish. A lunch portion is $10 ($10.70 with tax). This meal is perfect for a quick lunch or freeze for a spur-of-the-moment healthy option.

Chef’s Cobb Salad! – We love bringing fresh, flavorful and healthy options to our customers. This salad recipe is as ‘clean’ and ‘flavorful’ as it gets. Just fresh torn iceberg, romaine, and watercress paired with tomato, bacon, egg, cucumber, chives, bleu cheese, red onion and an option for roasted chicken to make it a meal. Chef’s salad in a house-made red wine vinaigrette is $10 ($10.70 with tax) and feeds two as a meal, three as a side. Add $6 for roasted, pulled chicken for an entree salad. $16 with chicken ($17.12 with tax).

Do you love Chicken Salad? Well, You will LOVE ours! We have a 1/2 quart for $9 ($9.63 with tax) and a Full Quart for $16 ($17.12 with tax). SS&E’s recipe uses only breast of chicken, roasted and pulled with pecans, chopped celery, red grapes; and, of course, Dukes Mayonnaise!

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