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Shake it up this week, several new items to order…

Order by noon on Monday, March 2 for Tuesday delivery. Order by noon on Wednesday, March 4 for delivery on Friday, March 6 – we need taste testers for these new recipes! #feedback



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Last chance to order for Tuesday delivery of One Pan Meal

Chicken Pot Pie

Tuesday Delivery

The Chicken Pot Pie recipe takes simple, wholesome ingredients and locks them inside a delicious crust. We have not been surprised it is a crowd favorite.

A small order (feeds two to three) is $17 plus tax ($18.19) and a large (feeds around four to five) is $27 plus tax ($28.29). The small takes about 25 minutes to reheat and the large about 40 minutes to make the crust delicious and a bubbly filling. This meal also freezes well, so if you are looking for a meal to have on hand – this is the one!

Gumbo & Blueberry Muffins

Choose for either Delivery – Gumbo until sold out!

This Cajun inspired gumbo includes roasted breast of chicken, pulled and combined with a pork sausage mix that complements the many peppers (bell, cayenne, white and black ground) and other (secret) spices added to that caramel color roux – the reason for it all!

A quart container (feeds two or three) is $14 plus tax ($14.98). Add a slice of warmed French bread and a dash of Louisiana hot sauce – étoile!

Blueberry Muffins! YES PLEASE!! Enjoy a half dozen of fresh baked muffins ready to pop in the microwave and amazing with morning coffee or a snack to get through through the afternoon. Six for $8 plus tax ($8.56) will last you most of the week!

Pork Loin

Friday Delivery

PORK – the OTHER white meat! We treat this recipe with love. Whole pork loin is brined in salt, sugar and black pepper before drying and smoking with hardwood charcoal and mesquite wood chips. The loin is portioned and placed with whipped molasses sweet potatoes and braised collard greens. A great winter recipe and something new to tempt your family around the dinner table! A small order (feeds two to three) is $21 plus tax ($22.47) or a large order (feeds five) is $39 plus tax ($41.73).

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