It’s Smoke Day

Taking large sections of butchered meats otherwise tedious in breaking down and cooking is a true labor of love. The planning, handling, prepping, spicing, spit-firing, finishing, and resting – yes, your meat needs to always rest before portioning – none of it is happenstance. The end result and sharing with others that may not haveContinue reading “It’s Smoke Day”

Insight into the Creative Process

At the core of SS&E’s mission is a commitment to “quality, value and community”. The creative component of designing menus must align with those principles and is essential to carrying out the mission of bringing “quality meal offerings” and “being a source of nourishment for (its) patrons”. The imaginative phase of creating crowd-pleasing ‘One PanContinue reading “Insight into the Creative Process”

Happy Valentine’s Day 2020

Love is in the air and as a Valentine’s Day gift we are giving four chocolate covered strawberries to each of our customers that orders the Friday Chicken Piccata ‘One Pan Meal’! Additionally, all that order will be placed in a drawing for a bottle of Champagne, yep, the real stuff – from the ChampagneContinue reading “Happy Valentine’s Day 2020”